Developing these first healthy habits will set you up for success when starting any new health and fitness journey. When you are busy it’s hard to know when and where to start to improve your health. You’ve come to the right place! Your start is here.

The Importance of Physical Balance in Living a Long, Active Life

There’s a short list of things you’re likely taking advantage of right now. But don’t worry, I’m not judging; in fact, I’m doing it too. It’s only normal to breathe or blink without thinking about it, but we don’t notice our sense of balance until it’s not working like it should. Balance is an underratedContinue reading “The Importance of Physical Balance in Living a Long, Active Life”


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Hi, I’m Nicki. I’ve taken my passion for finding simple, convenient ways to build a fit and healthy life and turned it into NickiFit A2Z so that I could help you build a fit and healthy life as well based on simple concepts and convenient methods.

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