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nicki fit scottsdale az personal training for women

Life is stressful! Especially for us women. It’s like we are on a constant rollercoaster keeping up with everyone else’s needs and putting our needs, our health, our wellbeing on the backburner.

I help women live a more happy, healthy, and pain free life.

If you are ready to make a lasting change, to transform your body and mind in the spirit of improving your health, fitness, and overall wellness, you’ve come to the right place. 

My Mission

Is to serve women of all ages and capabilities by offering accessible, safe, and inclusive fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaching programs.


Traditional cookie cutter fitness and nutrition programs can be overwhelmingfeel restrictive, and lack accountability. Most programs are generic and unhelpful. But not here.

scottsdale at home personal training


Nourish your brain and body with the right movements and nutrition.

scottsdale at home personal training


Move your body to lose weight, build muscle, and reduce stress.

scottsdale at home personal training


Flourish into the person you’ve always dreamed of.

NickiFit A to Z can help!

  • Reduce weight 

  • Feel more energized
  • Build muscle
  • Have a clear & focused mind

  • Feel free & confident daily

  • Reduce & prevent pain/injury

  • Build a resilient mind/body

  • Reduce stress

NickiFit A to Z creates custom fitness and wellness programs to help clients reach their health and fitness goals. With your customized wellness program, you will improve your overall health and well being, and find more freedom and confidence in mind, body, and spirit. Clients are never alone in this process, your coach is your accountability partner and will guide you and support you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to put yourself first, download the free checklist to Stress Less, and Lose More.

Meet Your Coach

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That love NickiFit A to Z

Nicole Farr

Scottsdale Personal Trainer

My Clients Love Me

Coach Nicole has worked with and created effective, specialized health and fitness programs for women managing and recovering from cancer diagnosis, living with Fibromyalgia, seeking weight loss and more energy postpartum, and many others who want to feel stronger, more capable, and more confident in their body without breaking it down.

Nicole has invested over 500 hours of learning the science of exercise, functional movement, injury prevention, and principles of healthy eating, and positive lifestyle habits. She is an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer and health coach as well as an 200 Hour certified yoga instructor.

I specialize in compassionate personal training for women in Scottsdale and surrounding areas. I create custom wellness plans that help my clients feel stronger physically and mentally.

I’ve Been There…

I’ve felt frustrated and stuck. I’ve tried fitness programs before that left me overwhelmed and unfulfilled. I’ve tried diets before that call for expensive grocery trips and tasteless food. I’ve been exactly where you are. You are not alone.

My 3 main goals are:

  • Movement that feels good and workout programs that fit into your life. 
  • Eat whole, nourishing foods: no restrictive diets, complicated meal plans, or expensive grocery trips.
  • Simple effective methods to create better habits that leave you feeling energized, vibrant, and in control of your day.

The Old Way

Basic intake form

A basic intake form that fails to capture the most important information about you and your goals.

Cookie Cutter Program

A boring program that is the same for everyone. Not customized and not effective.

No Support

No one to hold you accountable and modify your program.

The old way NickiFit Way

Schedule a Free Consult

I will learn about your fitness goals and we will discuss how to make them a reality.

Create a Custom Program

I’ll create a custom fitness and wellness program to help you achieve and sustain your goals.

Guided to Success

I will be guiding you through every step of the way to ensure your success.

Find the Right Plan

Basic Training

  • On Demand Functional Movement Workouts
  • Healthy Nutrition Habits
  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Monthly Live Virtual Workouts
  • NickiFit A to Z Community Access


  • Dedicated 1:1 Personal Coach
  • Customized Workouts For Your Goals
  • Weekly 1:1 Check Ins With Your Coach
  • Customized Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
  • NickiFit A to Z App Access
  • NickiFit A to Z Community Access


  • Dedicated 1:1 Personal Training With Nicki
  • Customized Workouts For Your Goals
  • Customized Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
  • NickiFit A to Z App Access
  • NickiFit A to Z VIP Community Access
  • Accountability Check In
  • 24/7 Access to Your Coach


I’m 62 and I’ve tried everything! The only thing that ever “stuck” was yoga. In addition to being a personal trainer, Nicole is also a yoga instructor – turn’s out it’s a perfect combination. Every workout is personalized and she brings the gym to me. No more excuses and, for the first time in my life, I actually really look forward to working out. It’s an indulgence…and I’m worth it!

Pati A, Pati is an active retiree who loves art and travel.

Nicole has been a lifesaver for me!

I had been suffering from sciatica and back pain for months, which caused me trouble while sitting and sleeping. The only thing that didn’t hurt was walking.

After working with Nicole 2-3- times per week for 3 months, doing lots of deep breathing, stretching, and muscle strengthening, I am pain free and able to sit comfortably and am sleeping much better. I am so thankful to have connected with Nicole and would recommend her highly!

Deanna W, Deanna is in her 60’s, retired and loves to garden and travel.

She’s perfect…professional, disciplined, encouraging, and varies the routine to make exercise fun!

Penny W, Penny and her husband are retired and actively enjoying life in North Scottsdale.

I’ve been training with Nicole for close to a year now both in person and lately via FaceTime. I’ve had great personal trainers in the past, but Nicole is hands down THE BEST trainer I’ve ever worked with. After back surgery and cancer, I never thought I’d be as fit or as flexible as I am now. Nicole’s repertoire is so vast and varied that I never get into a rut or bored. I’m always learning new ways to address my fitness needs. I highly recommend Nicole!

Kim H, Kim is in her 60’s, retired, and very active with tennis, golf and travel.

I highly recommend Nicole! For the first time I have a personal trainer who understands my chronic illness and how to create workouts that really are good for my health and I don’t hate! She has created a great workout to lead me through in my pool. She knows what to do when I am in a lot of pain and the type of yoga I need those days. Because of her, I don’t cancel my sessions when I am stiff or in pain because I know working with her will actually make me feel better.

Becky M, Becky is a mom of 3 teen girls and lives with Fibromyalgia.

Excellent training expert. I have been with Nicole for more than 18 months now. After I lost my baby weight. I wanted to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Before I started with my trainer, my elbows and knees were hurting and sore. She had me lift 3 Lbs( that’s all I could lift then). Now I’m working out with 10 lbs ( 20 lbs total on both sides) with no joint pain. She customizes my exercises. Highly recommend her!! She’s living proof that you don’t need fancy machines to be fit. Her fees are very reasonable. When I’m tired of exercising at home, we go out to hike and do our exercises in the fresh air.

Faten A, Faten is a busy mom in her 40’s just trying to keep up with her two boys under the age of 6.

Nicole has everything you could hope for as a personal trainer.  She has a broad background plus expertise in multiple areas of fitness, nutrition and well-being.  So the workouts she custom designs are always interesting and comprehensive. Nicole is able to create an appropriate routine to fit any fitness level and desired outcome.  Her style is warm and engaging while encouraging giving that extra effort for the best results.   I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for how Nicole helps me meet my health and wellness goals.

If you are looking for an “in-home” personal trainer, I highly recommend Nicole Farr.
Nicole is AWESOME! Nicole has been my in -home personal trainer for over 3 years. She is fun, encouraging, reliable, and skilled—a true delight to train with!  I am very pleased with her level of caring and expertise.  She works you hard but is very encouraging and supportive. I have always dreaded workouts, but with Nicole, I look forward to them—and each workout is different!  Nicole has a wonderful way of interpreting & customizing what I need without intimidation or any judgment.
I highly recommend Nicole! She has exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

Margie B, Margie is a corporate executive in her 50’s.

It Works for Mom’s and Busy Professionals

Here’s Why

  • Convenient at-home workout options for busy professionals and moms
  • Accountability and consistent support to stay motivated and on track
  • Customized meal planning and nutrition guidance for sustainable results
  • Ongoing program adjustments to challenge and prevent plateaus
  • Holistic approach encompassing fitness, nutrition, mindset, and overall well-being

Frequently Asked Questions

How does training with NickiFit A to Z work?2024-04-02T07:20:26+00:00

Training with NickiFit A to Z starts with an initial consultation where we’ll discuss your goals and your challenges and we’ll discuss strategy and scheduling. Some clients may begin with more time spent on nutrition and lifestyle habits and work their way into more movement while others might begin with more movement based coaching. All coaching sessions and programs are customized to each client’s unique needs and goals in order for them to see success and long term results. 

Does NickiFit A to Z help with weight loss?2024-04-02T07:20:31+00:00

NickiFit A to Z has helped hundreds of women reach their weight loss goals and feel stronger and more confident in the process. Clients won’t only reach their weight loss goals but will also walk away with the education, support, and resources to maintain their achievement.

How do you modify programs for clients with injuries or limitations?2024-04-02T07:20:36+00:00

Each program at Nicki Fit is custom tailored to your current circumstances. During our initial consult i’ll ask about your current injuries or limitations and then build your program accordingly. I have done personal training for many different clients. I have coached busy moms, corporate professionals, women living with fibromyalgia, and more.

What are NickiFit A to Z’s Training Qualifications?2024-04-02T07:20:42+00:00

Coach Nicole is an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer and health coach as well as an 200 Hour certified yoga instructor. NickiFit A to Z also has over 500 hours of learning the science of exercise, functional movement, and injury prevention.

Where is NickiFit A to Z?2024-04-02T07:20:49+00:00

NickiFit A to Z is based out of Scottsdale Arizona, but she has clients all over the surrounding areas. Because NickiFit offers hybrid coaching programs, her clients can be from anywhere in the world.

Is NickiFit A to Z in person or online?2024-04-02T07:20:55+00:00

NickiFit A to Z is a hybrid, personal trainer in Scottsdale Arizona that offers both online and in person coaching programs at an affordable price for women. Whether online or in person coaching is right for you, you’ll receive all of the support and accountability you need to be successful in your program.

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