Are you ready to thrive, not just survive with your health and well-being?

Nourish, Move, Flourish!

Welcome to Nourish, Move, Flourish! This new membership based fitness and wellness program created by Nicole Farr of NickiFit A to Z is designed to help you feel stronger and more confident through mindful movement; energized and clear minded with simple nutrition adjustments; and more fulfilled and empowered through life style management practices.

8 Week Transformation

  • Build Strength & Confidence: Master functional movements for daily life.

  • Learn Anytime, Anywhere: Access guided, on-demand courses on your schedule.

  • Quick Workouts: Complete effective workouts in under 40 minutes.

  • Nutrition Made Simple: Gain control with easy-to-understand nutrition basics.
  • Enhanced Lifestyle: Improve sleep, manage stress, and boost focus & energy.

What Is Nourish Move Flourish?

60-Days of Health, Fitness & Wellness Coaching

Programmed workouts (all under 40 minutes), nutrition to support your goals, lifestyle habits to set your mind free.

Monthly Live Group Sessions

All members meet on Zoom one Saturday each month for a workout and wellness discussion hosted by Coach Nicki. 

On Demand Workouts

All workouts can be done at home and with minimal equipment in under 40 minutes. Resistance bands and dumbbells are all you need as the workouts progress.

Nutrition Basics

Receive a personalized macronutrient assessment to help you understand your dietary needs that support your wellness goals. You’ll also receive a healthy eating guide and grocery tips to make eating nutritiously easy. 

Vision & Goal Setting

Resources provided to help you visualize and set long-term and short-term health, fitness and life style goals. 

Level Up Your Lifestyle

Learn stress management practices, sleep optimization habits, time management tips, and more to help your mind & body thrive.

Track Your Stats

Once enrolled you’ll have full access to your own private dashboard in our app. You can connect your Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Garmin for real time step count, calorie burning, and activity tracking.

Our app also connects with My Fitness Pal to help you track nutritional data along with movement all in one place.

This is where all of your workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle management resources will be for you to access.

What our members say

The app is really easy to use. I love being able to connect my Apple Fitness so my steps get recorded.

F.G, Current Member

The demonstrations are really clear and I love the modifications offered, I definitely feel that each workout is doable while challenging me.

K.F, Recent Member

I love that I can break a sweat in under 30 minutes with these workouts. It helps me feel accomplished even though I don’t have much time in the morning.

J.D, Current Member

I’ve worked with Nicki in person and now I’m in her program and it feels like she’s right in the room with me.

M.B, Current Member
The complete 90-Day Nourish, Move, Flourish program is an investment in yourself of just $50.00 USD per month when paid in full at time of enrollment*.
*Any month-to-month payment will be set up for auto withdrawal at $55.00 per month.
How to enroll & start thriving
  1. Click the Join The Club button.
  2. Complete the membership agreement form.
  3. A copy of your membership agreement along with a payment link will be emailed to you.
  4. Once payment is completed, you’ll be sent a welcome email with all the details you need to set up your app and profile to get started.