Faten A. (Scottsdale, AZ)

Excellent training expert. I have been with Nicole for more than 18 months now. After I lost my baby weight. I wanted to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Before I started with my trainer, my elbows and knees were hurting and sore. She had me lift 3 Lbs( that’s all I could lift then). Now I’m working out with 10 lbs ( 20 lbs total on both sides) with no joint pain. She customizes my exercises. Highly recommend her!! She’s a living proof that you don’t need fancy machines to be fit. Her fees are very reasonable. When I’m tired of exercising at home, we go out to hike and do our exercises in the fresh air.

Faten is a busy mom in her 40’s just trying to keep up with her two boys under the age of 6.