Are You Overwhelmed By All The Health Advice?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the health advice this time of year?  Coffee is good for you! ️ Coffee is bad for you!  Eat tomatoes!  Tomatoes are bad for your digestive system!  High-Intensity Interval exercise is the best!  ‍ Wait! Slow down! High-Intensity Interval Training is too much! 🥵 As you’ve been on the search for theContinue reading “Are You Overwhelmed By All The Health Advice?”

Healthy Weight Loss 201

Look at that! Moving onward and upward already! Great Job! In last weeks post, Healthy Weight Loss 101 I covered the basics of losing weight with the calorie deficit concept and I touched on replacing high calorie/low nutrient foods with low calorie/high nutrient foods. Today I want to dive a little deeper into high nutrientContinue reading “Healthy Weight Loss 201”