Are you ready for an active retirement?

Retirement planning is more than just financial planning. It also should include physical planning, but this isn’t talked about much. What good is the money you saved for traveling during your retirement years if your joints ache and your body fatigues with minimal movement? If you can’t walk your dog around the block when youContinue reading “Are you ready for an active retirement?”

What seems impossible today will one day become your WARM UP

This quote has been making a splash for quite some time and no one has taken the glory for it yet. I think it’s a fabulous quote because it rings true! It highlights the importance of warming up before exercise no matter what stage of fitness you find yourself in. So many people dive rightContinue reading “What seems impossible today will one day become your WARM UP”

Are you too focused on “what” and not “why”?

We often put off what we want to do because we are more focused on the “what”, not the “why”. We tend to overthink on “what” needs to go into the next step of our want. This can become overwhelming and we just put it off even more, waiting for circumstances to naturally change. ForContinue reading “Are you too focused on “what” and not “why”?”

Exercise Your Way Through Arthritis

The knuckles and joints of every finger ache… the wrists feel fatigued and you’ve barely lifted a pen today. The groaning seems to get louder every time you sit or stand because your knees are so stiff and sore it’s tough to move them. The last thing on your mind is exercise. How can anyoneContinue reading “Exercise Your Way Through Arthritis”

Posture…It Matters

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about our posture especially as it relates to sitting for longer periods of time and sitting hunched over our computers, tablets, or phones more than we used too thanks to the pandemic. But there is more to posture and it’s importance to living our best. If you’re anContinue reading “Posture…It Matters”

Are You Overwhelmed By All The Health Advice?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the health advice this time of year?  Coffee is good for you! ️ Coffee is bad for you!  Eat tomatoes!  Tomatoes are bad for your digestive system!  High-Intensity Interval exercise is the best!  ‍ Wait! Slow down! High-Intensity Interval Training is too much! 🥵 As you’ve been on the search for theContinue reading “Are You Overwhelmed By All The Health Advice?”

Healthy Weight Loss 101

There are no quick fixes for weight loss! Well let me restate that…There are no healthy, sustainable quick fixes for weight loss. Yes, there are thousands of products and programs in the marketplace that tantalize us unknowing folk into believing we can lose 20 pounds in 10 days. Not only do these quick fixes costContinue reading “Healthy Weight Loss 101”