Private & Personalized Health & Fitness Coaching — In Person, Virtual, and On Demand options.

Personal training for individuals, couples, or small groups in the privacy of your own home.

Programs typically include strength training, aerobic/cardio training, and can include nutritional coaching; all tailored to your specific needs and goals.

If we are meeting in person, Coach Nicki will supply equipment needed for each session. If you have a home gym, we will utilize your favorite equipment and Coach Nicki will supplement any additional equipment needed for the session.

If we are meeting online (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime available) Coach Nicki will customize your program based on the equipment you have or will offer some suggestions for affordable, basic equipment if you are looking to create your own home gym. We will be together virtually for the entire session as Coach Nicki will demonstrate exercises and guide you through proper technique, which helps with getting the most out of each movement as well as injury prevention.

Modifications and progressions are always available depending on how you feel while performing movements.

Scheduling and Fees

Since programs are designed to fit your needs and your goals, scheduling and coaching fees will be discussed during our initial consultation. We will work together to find a program that addresses both your health and financial goals.

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