Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer for Older Adults & Seniors

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Today’s society paints a picture of aging and retirement as a time to slow down. But I can tell you, not any one of my mature or senior clients is looking to “slow down”, they are just looking for a different way of moving and keeping active. Traveling, tennis leagues, helping to raise grandkids, and volunteering are all part of what many of my client’s second half of life looks like. As we age, it is important to feel strong, capable, and able to navigate old and new surroundings. Hiring an experienced personal trainer can help older adults and seniors boost their health and mobility as they age so they can stay as active as possible for as long as possible.

Why Choose a Personal Trainer Over Going It Alone at the Gym?

We have gyms and fitness centers all around where members can come and go as they please to work out. So why choose a personal trainer instead?

  1.  Safety. Going to the gym can be intimidating and overwhelming, and using equipment incorrectly or performing exercises with improper form can lead to serious injury. As a personal trainer, I work one on one with clients to ensure that they are doing each exercise correctly and know how to use equipment for their benefit. I offer modifications to all exercises to accommodate limited mobility, poor balance, weakness, and much more to keep clients safe.
  2.  Age-appropriate exercises. With nearly 10 years of experience working with older adults and seniors as well as continuing my education in the field, I understand the unique challenges older adults and seniors face and that the workout a 20-year-old is doing may not be right for a 70-year-old. Instead, I customize workouts and health plans to focus on specific goals older adults and seniors may have, such as core strength, balance, coordination, and/or flexibility.
  3.  Personalized attention. There’s no guessing involved when it comes to working out with an experienced personal trainer. Communication is key! I tell clients exactly what we are about to do, demonstrate how to do it, then watch while it’s being done. As clients make progress toward their goals, I adjust exercises accordingly to increase the intensity, offer new modifications, and/or add new movements. I base everything on the client’s needs, not a cookie-cutter program.

What are the Benefits of Staying Active for Seniors?

In working with an experienced personal trainer like myself, older adults and seniors can experience a wide range of benefits they might not get being inactive.

  1.  Disease Prevention. Physical exercise can enhance the immune system, support cardiovascular health, improve digestion, and help with managing diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions. It is also great for mental health because it can reduce risk of depression, decrease stress, and improve cognitive function.
  2. Improved mobility. I strive to build well-rounded programs for my clients in order for them to build muscle strength and increase flexibility, which can help with coordination, balance, and overall mobility. Many older adults and seniors want to stay active and be on the go, so keeping your body healthy can help you do so for as long as possible. Together, we can limit the aches and the groans so you can bend, stretch, sit, stand, run, twist, and turn with more confidence and ease.
  3.  Increased independence. As more seniors choose to age in place, working with an experienced personal trainer can help them continue to maintain their independence. They can focus on exercises to help with navigating their home, completing activities of daily living, improving strength and endurance, and much more.

If you are curious about working with a personal trainer to stay active and boost your overall health and well-being, please contact me! I am happy to answer any questions and explore what working together might look like.

Here’s to Feeling Better In Your Body!

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