Are you too focused on “what” and not “why”?

We often put off what we want to do because we are more focused on the “what”, not the “why”. We tend to overthink on “what” needs to go into the next step of our want.

This can become overwhelming and we just put it off even more, waiting for circumstances to naturally change. For the “perfect” time.

This waiting can happen in any area of life but since you’re here and we’re talking health and fitness that’s where we’ll keep the context of this post. Don’t put off feeling better in your body, don’t put off exercising because you don’t have fancy equipment, or eating healthier because you don’t have time to cook.

It will never happen if we wait for the “perfect” time, because in our heads, no time will ever be perfect.

Feeling better in our bodies by moving more and eating healthier can happen right now, no fancy equipment needed; walking, running, body weight movements are a great start. Simple recipes and healthy food hacks exist to take some of the pain out of preparing healthy meals.

We just need to start focusing on the “why” that has brought us to this door step of change. When the “why” is in focus, taking action becomes less overwhelming.

Take a moment to bring your “why” back into focus. You may have multiple “whys”, spend a little time reflecting on each one, and see how it motivates you to take the next step toward your goal.

If you need some help focusing on your “why” give me a shout! That’s what Health Coaches are for, to help you along your path and make reaching goals a little easier, a little less intimidating. We are in it together!

It’s time to feel better in your body!

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