Your Home | Your Gym – No Fancy Equipment Needed – Part 1

As you can guess this is the first post in a multi-part series where I’ll be showing you some creative ways to workout from home – no fancy equipment needed.

You’ll be surprised what you can use in and around your house for an easy, effective workout.

I’m starting with a 3 move leg day workout. You’ll need 3 items that I bet you have within easy reach:

  • A smooth wall
  • Step stool or wide step ladder
  • A paper plate (for carpeted floors) or a small towel (for hard floors)

Check out the video clips below where I demo each exercise for you.

  • A smooth, wide wall = Wall Sit (back flat against the wall walk feet out and slightly wider than your body, slide you back down as low as you can go – goal is a 90 degree angle in the knees, pressing back into the wall – hold as long as you can; start with 20 seconds, then 40 seconds, then 60 – keep going and see how strong your legs, especially your thighs get over time.)
  • Step stool = Step Ups with Kick Back (A stool at least 12″ high is a great place to start, and start slow to get used to the height. Alternate right foot and left foot stepping up while the opposite leg presses back for a little extra butt work. Start with 1 minute of step ups.)
  • Towel = Lateral sliding lunges (Shift most of your weight into one leg, this will be your standing/stable leg, opposite foot on a towel or paper plate, use your leg to push the towel out to side while bending into the standing knee as much as you can, brace through both legs to pull the towel back in toward center. Start with a small movement then push out farther, bend a little deeper as you feel you are gaining strength. Start with 30 seconds on the right, 30 seconds on the left.)

These 3 exercises combined into a quick circuit make for a quick and easy leg day or addition to any other workouts your doing. I’d suggest repeat each move 3-4 times for a circuit workout or you could break it up 2 rounds in the morning, 2 rounds in the evening. Do what feels best for you.

Stronger Legs Right at Home

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