Are You Overwhelmed By All The Health Advice?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the health advice this time of year? 

Coffee is good for you! ☕

Coffee is bad for you! 😕

Eat tomatoes! 🍅

Tomatoes are bad for your digestive system! 😟

High-Intensity Interval exercise is the best!  🏃

Wait! Slow down! High-Intensity Interval Training is too much! 🥵

As you’ve been on the search for the best health and fitness program for your needs I’m sure you’ve come across multiple articles and newsletters each day telling you what the best plan for heart health is or the best exercise program for losing belly fat or the amazing miracle program for weight loss only to read the next day another set of articles contradicting yesterday’s information and giving you new programs you “should” be jumping on board with. 

It’s confusing and exhausting to the point of throwing our hands in the air and just giving up all together. 

But wait! Don’t give up on you search for the program that will get you to the healthiest version of you. You just have to know what to look for in your search. 

This is all my humble advice of course. But I have found it works for me and makes what I want for my version of a healthy lifestyle much easier to swallow. 

Every year older we get we naturally grow wiser from the information we’ve taken in from the past. We naturally have a system of beliefs that have already wired our brains to understand concepts and information in certain ways. And this varies for everyone because all of our lives have been lived differently so our belief systems are naturally different from one person to another. 

I say read all the articles. Listen to all the podcasts. Study all the research if you are so inclined. But take only what you believe fits into your lifestyle or the lifestyle that you are seeking. You may adopt only 10% of one doctors advice, 50% of another research study, and 40% of another study and it still all works together to get you to your healthiest you and even keeps you there because you believe in the program you created, you enjoy it, and it’s easy for you to keep up with. 

So don’t let the avalanche of information overwhelm you and deter you from being your best and healthiest you! Follow the path of information that already fits into your belief system and makes sense to you. Before you know it your living your healthiest life! 😌

If you still feel overwhelmed and want to talk through all the information your trying to digest give me a call today! I can help you take one bite at a time and build a program that works for you and that you enjoy! 

You Deserve To Feel Better In Your Body! 

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