Hydrate Baby!

Water… it tends to be one of the elements we take for granted. We reach for a diet coke or new juice claiming to provide everything our body needs but never a thought of good ol water.

That is until our throat is dry or we begin to feel dizzy and faint from the heat. Than water is all we can think of … but unfortunately the late stages of dehydration have set in.

Kicking the day off with a drink of water and staying hydrated all day really can be a simple task to accomplish.

Here I am giving you a few easy to remember tips to stay hydrated as well as some great reasons why!

Tip #1 – Always keep a glass of water or water bottle in sight. If you see it you'll remember to drink it. If it's empty refill it so it's easy and always ready to gulp down.

Tip #2 – Every time you take a drink take 10 gulps. This not only quenches dry mouth but also quenches thirst at a cellular level.

Tip #3 – Set an alarm on your phone or make a note on your desk to take in those 10 gulps once every hour.

The benefits, the why, of drinking water are almost endless.

– For better skin. Skin needs to be hydrated as well. Staying hydrated will help keep skin clear and plump (minimizing the appearance of wrinkles).

– Drinking water before eating a meal really does help you feel fuller faster, consuming smaller portions and letting your meal digest properly – and having a positive impact on weight loss!

– Drinking water just makes you feel better! Aim to drink half your body weight in water each day. I'm loving my 40oz Hydroflask that I make sure to fill up twice a day and empty twice a day. Staying hydrated will increasing energy and help with mental awareness.

It's so important to find ways that work for you to stay hydrated year round and yes, especially in the Summer months.

Incorporating more water into your day can also help when trying to break some of those bad dietary habits (i.e. soda addiction).

There really is no reason not to grab a glass of water right now 😘

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