Getting to Know Your Body Inside and Out

It doesn’t matter where you are in your health journey – thinking about starting a diet and/or fitness program; well into a diet and/or fitness program; or not at all interested in starting a program –  wherever you are it is only a benefit when you take the time to know your body inside and out. 

Knowing your body inside and out means knowing what current aches and pains you might have, how you feel after a good nights sleep (and after a bad nights sleep), what that mole on your left arm looks and feels like. I think you get what I’m saying here. 

If you don’t know your body you may not realize when a physical, mental or emotional feeling is just not right and becoming a health risk.

So many of us ignore minor yet ongoing aches (okay, I admit, myself included) and even consistent negative thoughts or emotions. Inattention to both of these types of feelings can lead to devastating consequences. Depression, disease, severe injury, surgery, hospitalization…

There is just so much benefit in knowing your body. You could save yourself time and money! It’s expensive if you end up in a hospital bed for two weeks because you ignored that pain in your side; you’d miss out on work and on social activities. 

Knowing your body comes on many levels. Even just recognizing what it feels like to be hungry, hearing and feeling that rumbling in your stomach; it’s a game changer. So many of us eat when our mouth or brain gets boared and we pile in needless calories resulting in an eventual weight gain. If only we listened and ate when we really needed to eat, those 5lbs wouldn’t have come out of no where. 

So I encourage you to just try it one day. Only eat when you truly feel hungry. Pay attention to that pain in your knee when you are working out – where does it come from, when do you feel it – if you’ve been feeling down and alone lately, start a journal, is there a trend of negative thoughts or emotions taking over? 

It is always a good choice to talk with someone who can help – a doctor, physical therapist, relationship counselor, personal therapist. 

Knowing your body and getting help when/if needed sets you on the path to better health and wellness – where we all want to be! 

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